Beastie Boys – Live @ MEN Arena, Manchester, England (2004-12-06)

(20/11/18 – Post updated to include .flac link)

First post in almost a year!

I’ve been inspired by the recent release of “Beastie Boys Book” to revisit the Beastie Boys back catalogue as I haven’t properly listened to them (save for the occasional spin of Paul’s Boutique) in years. I went though a HUGE Beasties phase back in college right before the release of “To The 5 Boroughs” (2004) and this gig was part of their tour of the UK to promote that album. I read about the tour before dates were announced and was praying for a Newcastle gig but sadly the closest show was in Manchester. Back then, the prospect of traveling by myself on the train (on a school night, no less) and spending the night in a strange city was too much to bare so I skipped it. “I’ll see them next time” I thought, and then went on to miss them in 2007 for reasons I don’t quite remember. Sadly cancer took MCA in 2012. Needless to say, missing this gig is my absolute all time biggest Gig Regret™.

Luckily, the BBC recorded the show and played it “live” (slightly delayed) on Radio 1. This download is a direct transfer of the cassette I used to tape the show.

01-Steve Lamacq Intro/MMM Intro
02-Triple Trouble
03-Sure Shot
04-The Move
05-Time To Get Ill
06-Super Disco Breakin’
07-Skills to Pay the Bills
08-Shake Your Rump
09-An Open Letter to NYC
10-Right Right, Now Now
11-Paul Revere
12-Body Movin’
13-Three MCs and One DJ
14-Ch-Check It Out

Download (320kbs mp3)

Download (Lv. 8 flac)



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