Apollo 440 Live @ Indie Daze 4, O2 Forum, Kentish Town (2017-10-07)

Doesn’t feel like that long since last year’s Indie Daze! I was unable to attend this one but luckily my bootlegging brother from another mother, Stef, recorded this one. Band sounds on point and I look forward to possibly catching them next year! Cover nicked from sonicdocument.com – check out their review of Indie Daze 4.

01-Stealth Overture
02-Lost in Space (Theme)
03-Time is Running Out
04-Raw Power
05-Interlude 1
06-Stop The Rock
07-Interlude 2
08-Cold Rock The Mic
09-Interlude 3
10-Electro Glide In Blue
11-Interlude 4
12-Altamont Super-Highway Revisited
13-Stadium Parking Lot
14-Crazee Horse
15-Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Dub

http://bit.ly/2zKOdgq (mp3 download)


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